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What’s It All About?

Always a good question… What IS it all about?

Heck if I know — but welcome to my own explorations and meditations and discoveries!

Ultimately, though, it’s all about Awakening and Realization. Awakening from the confines of the conflicted, overactive mind.  Realizing Who We Truly Are. Making Who We Truly Are, our reality. Being Integral. Being in Integrity. Being Real.

The realization is that the source of life -Love, Grace, God, Divinity, Universal Intelligence – what ever you call it, how ever you relate to the Source of all Be-ing – this source is not and cannot be and has never been and will never be separate from who we are. If all arises from the Divine – there is nothing that is not the Divine, expressing itself in all its glory.

We are not the personality. We are not the mind. We are not the body…. Those are amazing and wonderful creations of the Divine established for the very purpose of having the experience of what we are here calling life.  These aspects of being are not “bad” or “lesser than” anything – these aspects are to be recognized, appreciated for what they are, and blessed and celebrated.

The “catch” is, we have forgotten our Divinity. And this forgetfulness causes the experience of suffering, so deeply. Caught up in the stories we have developed over lifetimes, we believe the stories are more powerful than we are.  There *IS* another experience available to us. There is a shift that can be made. It doesn’t change the stories – but it allows a shift in our interactions with the stories.

This shift helps us experience how INTEGRAL we are  in creation. This shift helps us keep it REAL in every moment of our being…

This shift is not something that can be orchestrated from the mind (that is not the mind’s function). This shift becomes our reality through experience. And in sustaining the experience, integrating the experience, we make this shift into realization – realizing, experiencing, knowing and living, who we truly are.

What’s the point? Living in the knowing of who we truly are, we create from a place of stillness, love, and joy. Living in the knowing of who we truly are, we make choices aligned with and in LIFE and LOVE.

This doesn’t mean that life is suddenly free of things that are unpleasant or difficult or plain old AWFUL. It means we are in a space of stillness and loving as we interact with those events, and so the experience of such events is different from when we interacted in fear and condemnation.

Our invitation is not simply to allow yourself to have the experience of this shift – our invitation is, having experienced this shift, now hold the space for others to experience this shift, as well.

Imagine a world, where people are coming from a focus of LOVE and choosing LIFE SUSTAINING actions and responses. Choosing KINDNESS.

That’s what this is all about….

Take into yourself, embrace and accept the fullness of your experience, exactly as it is, releasing all resistance or sense that something must be pushed away – here and now.  This is the only thing to”do.”

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