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How willing are we to experience the shift in consciousness that will bring us this experience of happy?

Are we open to living a happy life? Look at the mindsets and belief systems we perpetuate about happiness:
  • Why are you smiling?
  • Why are you laughing?
  • What’s so funny?
  • Don’t be too happy, the other shoe will drop.
  • As happy as you are, you must endure as much sorrow.
What other stories have you grown up with, about being happy? About expressing joy?
So when we say we are willing to live happy lives, how much is actually standing between the declaration and the experience?
And then we decide, we “set our minds to” being happy – and this is never the way to experience the genuine happiness that is the true nature of our being.
This emerging happiness is not of the mind. Genuine happiness cannot come from the mind.
It arises from the higher consciousness we are now opening ourselves to.
When we focus on our growth in consciousness, all of the emotions that are coming up, we recognize they are passing experiences – it is not a falling out of grace – the experience comes/ goes, and we simply grow in grace & awareness. Our very way of functioning shifts in a major way.
Are you willing to use the mind instructively, and stop being used by the mind.
Look at, examine, and ask to be shown more about your willingness for these experiences.

Are you feeling stuck? Uninspired? Frustrated?

Is work feeling too work-y?  Fun feeling forced? Life feeling unfocused? Love feeling out of reach?

Congratulations!  You are TOTALLY READY for a major transformation in your life!

Elizabeth will be offering a six-week Life Mastery and the Flowering Heart Group beginning in September.

Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in more information: integralreal(at)gmail(dot)com


Friday, February 7th 6 pm-8 pm  and  Saturday, February 8th  9am-9pm 


certified trainers of the Oneness University in India

This is an intensive weekend focused on Awakening to Oneness. The Oneness process opens up our hearts and senses to experience more fully the richness of life in all of its manifestations, from the immediacy of the present to the transcendence of the Divine.

  • Learn a practice for awareness and happiness in your inner and outer life
  • Experience an ancient technique to deepen your experience of Divine Grace
  • Learn teachings and experience the Oneness Deeksha to help you:
    • Establish an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine
    • Heal your relationships with self and others
    • Lead you to Awakening and God Realization
    • And more~~~
  • Experience the sacred phenomenon of Mukthi Deeksha
  • Be initiated as a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver

For more information about Oneness: www.OnenessUniversity.org


To become a Deeksha Giver: $225*/ person;
$350*/ couple from same household
Deduct $25 per person for early registration before January 1, 2014

For Deeksha Givers attending for deepening: $100* per person;
$165*/ couple from same household
Deduct $25 per person/per couple from gross ticket amount
for early registration before January 1, 2014 as noted below

*Plus ticketing fees from Eventbrite.com

Cancellations before January 24, 2014 will receive a refund
of their course fee less a $25 administrative fee.
No refunds for cancellations after January 24, 2014.
You may also pay in installments by check to Unity of the Seacoast.
Payment in full is due on or before, Thursday, February 6, 2014.
By clicking on one of the purchase buttons below,
you acknowledge that you have read and
agree to this Cancellation Policy.

Unity of the Seacoast,
P.O. Box 173, Rollinsford, NH 03869.


Early Bird Oneness
Awakening, Single ~ $200 
Early Bird Oneness
Awakening, Couple ~ $300 
Early Bird Oneness
Deepening, Single ~ $75 
Early Bird Oneness
Deepening, Couple ~ $140 

For more information, contact: Pam Roberts, 207 351 6697
Unity of the Seacoast, 3 Front St, P.O. Box 173, Rollinsford, NH 03869


Shift Into Awakening Livestream Channel


“Love and life are one in the same.” – Mahaal Ajallahb

    The wisdom, compassion, and unbridled love that flowed from Mahaal Ajallahb were astounding. As I listened to his wise words and gazed into his compassionate, passionate eyes, it was clear that he practiced what he preached. For him, love and life are, in fact, the same. He explains that the mind, in its present state, depends on conflict. He is fervently committed to awakening humanity to experiencing complete and permanent freedom from our overactive, conflicted minds, so that we can live in peace in each moment. In a short discussion I had with him after the event, it was clear that he accepted and even welcomed all; that he had been released from judgment and conflict. During the eye gazing exercise, his body trembled as it struggled to hold the expansive, soulful energy that flowed through him, and into all who were graced with his presence. He truly is a man of great joy and abundant love.

The above is an excerpt from an article about an event Mahaal participated in on June 29, 2013…

See the entire article, here: http://www.monthlyaspectarian.com/Theresa_Puskar_August_2013.html


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